Here at The Dancers Edge, we pride ourselves on providing all dancers and parents with exceptional dance training and a positive learning experience for all involved. With this in mind, we are excited to provide our dancers with more performance opportunities as well as participating in dance conventions and competitions as part of our Company Groups.


It is our wish for the Company to provide a great deal of fun and good lessons learned for its members. Lessons such as hard work and the rewards that come of it, learning to work together, commitment, time management, camaraderie and goal setting. Our philosophy on competition is to use it as a training tool for each dancer, to see other dancer’s styles and levels of accomplishment, and to enhance performance skills.


Our goals are not about trophies our Companies may or may not win, but rather motivating our dancers to be the best they can be. We will encourage good sportsmanship and respect for their fellow dancer and studio. We will teach our dancers to love what they do and present a genuine performance that reflects their dedication and determination. It is our aspiration to instill passion and performing rather than merely the desire to compete and win awards.


Parents interested in learning more about our Company Groups, please contact The Dancers Edge at 201.661.8476 or

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